Price: $65

State: Washington
City: Vancouver
Zip code: 98661
Type: Animals

Hand fed Tame Baby Lovebirds - $65-$85
I have 3 whiteface medium violet blue lovebirds that are clutch-mates. 7-8 weeks old. $65 All are tame but not finger-trained yet. Will be very easy to do.
I have 2 Opalines that are the sweetest of all my babies. One is an Orange face and the other will have a darker orange-red face. 9 weeks old $85
The last pictures are what they will look like as adults with their full coloring
Sexes unknown.
I can meet within about 20 miles of downtown Vancouver.
First Photo are the babies, other photos are what they will look like with their adult coloring.
I also have a suitably sized nearly new, clean Vision cage, fully stocked with toys and perches available for $50.00